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      1. 发布时间:2019-11-25
      2. 工作地点:北京
      3. 职位类型:兼职实习
      4. 来源:水木社区
      5. 职位:云计算测试实习生
      发信人: redhathr (红帽HR), 信区: Intern
      标 题: 【实习】【红帽】云计算测试实习生
      发信站: 水木社区 (Mon Nov 25 18:14:54 2019), 站内

      【感兴趣的朋友请将简历发送 huchen@redhat.com,注明应聘岗位】

      The Red Hat Container Native Virtualization (CNV) Quality Engineering (QE) team is looking for a Quality Engineering Intern to join us in Beijing, China. In this role, you will work with a team in charge of testing of our innovative technology in the Linux domain, focusing on CNV project testing. This is a great opportunity to test and improve components of our technologies alongside some of the brightest developers in the open source community.


      - Background in the Linux operating system
      - Experience administering storage operations
      - Ability to work under the pressure of deadlines, adapt to changing tasks, and maintain attention to detail
      - Available to work 3 days per week for 6 months
      - Good written and verbal communication skills in English

      The following are considered a plus:

      - Relevant software testing experience
      - Familiarity with Kubernetes technologies
      - Knowledge of shell and Python scripting languages
      - Previous participation in the open source community and advanced knowledge of computer system architecture
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